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If you will be burning brush, you will need to call the Crockery Township Hall at 616-837-6868 during regular business hours to obtain a burn permit that will last three days. In the event of a burn ban posted by the Department of Natrual Resources, you will be expected to seize all burning immediately.



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ISO Class 5/6 -
In 2009 Crockery Township underwent an evaluation by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).  ISO rates fire departments on emergency preparedness for large conflagrations.  ISO was adopted by the State of Michigan in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s in order to allow insurance companies a way to assess their potential for loss from fire.  The ISO evaluation system assigns a number ranking from 1 to 10 of which the number 1 typically means fire stations every 2 road miles from all locations and each fire station is fully staffed.  The previous evaluation of the Crockery Township Fire Department occurred in 1986 leaving the department with a class 8 in hydranted areas and a class 9 in areas without a water system.  In 2009, the department scored significantly higher earning a class 5 in areas with hydrants and a class 6 in areas without fire hydrants.  Historically, many fire chiefs have said a paid on call or volunteer fire department cannot earn higher than a class 7 rating.  Below is a graft of PPC ratings within the State of Michigan. (Source ISOmitigation).  Nationally there are only 62 - ISO Class 1 fire departments none of which are in Michigan.  Our Class 5 rating makes Crockery Township Fire among the top 32% of fire departments nationally and among the top 22% within the State of Michigan in preparedness.

Description: PPC Class for Michigan






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